Backyard Sessions

It's Summer time which means I am offering my backyard sessions. These sessions are specifically designed to document children during those wonderful Summer months. It's about being a kid. Enjoying a popsicle on the front step, playing on the swings, going barefoot, lying in the grass, etc. It's about recording all of those little moments that just scream childhood. It's me chasing them around...and then occasionally asking for a nice portrait shot. 

Scroll down below to see two backyard sessions from last year. And hey, if you don't have a backyard (or you hate the one you have), let's go to the park! 

These sessions run for 35 minutes and include up to 3 children in the cost. If you need to add additional children, please contact me for pricing. You will receive a digital download of your images that you may treasure for years to come. 

I am booking sessions now through the start of August! Slots will fill up quickly! Don't wait!