Pricing Change.

I've done a little bit of a pricing change, for a couple of reasons. One, I was getting a lot of clients during the fall when I offered mini sessions and not so much during the rest of the year. Mini sessions were great and I understand why everyone wants to do them (lower cost and less time shooting). The thing was, they didn't really end up being "mini" sessions. I was still shooting the same amount of time that I do in a regular session and the same amount of images. Mini sessions were also a time for people to prepare their Christmas cards and it meant a lot of smiling at the camera and posing, something I don't mind doing occasionally but it was becoming too much! I wasn't feeling creative. I wasn't feeling free. I felt like I wasn't getting to know YOU. Instead I was just getting the shot and moving onto the next family. It was draining to say the least and I ended up dreading shoots. 

Now enters the pricing change. I realize that many will still want photos in the fall but I'm hoping this pricing change will bring more clients throughout the year and also less stress on myself.  I have changed how I do things on the business side, to make it more affordable for you! This means that I will no longer be offering "mini" sessions. On another note, the summer months are a great time to get those family photos done! Plan ahead for those Christmas cards and don't wait until the Fall. 

Thanks for being such wonderful clients! And because a post isn't a post without a photo, this session coming to the blog soon!

Check out the pricing page here!