BFF Referral Event

Friends, for the month of August, refer your friend to us and YOU will receive $25 off your session. And guess what? Your friends will ALSO receive $25 off their session.

**Your friends do not need to book for you to receive the $25 off. Just refer them to us. This offer only good in the month of August.

**Session must be scheduled in the month of August.

Contact me here to schedule a session!

Chandler + Keaton.

Just look at how cute this couple is! I mean, they are one good looking couple. And they get married SO very soon! I am so excited for them! We took their engagements up at one of my favorite places, American Fork Canyon. It was a beautiful night! Congratulations you two!


To schedule an engagement session, contact me here. Have a great day! 


What can I say? I just love this family. They were good friends of ours while living in Kentucky and actually, seeing these images is hard for me. We miss them and we are so grateful for the friendship they have given us. 

These two have such contagious laughs. It doesn't even matter if something is really funny, Kris and I will laugh anyway just because they are laughing. 

These two have such contagious laughs. It doesn't even matter if something is really funny, Kris and I will laugh anyway just because they are laughing. 

Pricing Change.

I've done a little bit of a pricing change, for a couple of reasons. One, I was getting a lot of clients during the fall when I offered mini sessions and not so much during the rest of the year. Mini sessions were great and I understand why everyone wants to do them (lower cost and less time shooting). The thing was, they didn't really end up being "mini" sessions. I was still shooting the same amount of time that I do in a regular session and the same amount of images. Mini sessions were also a time for people to prepare their Christmas cards and it meant a lot of smiling at the camera and posing, something I don't mind doing occasionally but it was becoming too much! I wasn't feeling creative. I wasn't feeling free. I felt like I wasn't getting to know YOU. Instead I was just getting the shot and moving onto the next family. It was draining to say the least and I ended up dreading shoots. 

Now enters the pricing change. I realize that many will still want photos in the fall but I'm hoping this pricing change will bring more clients throughout the year and also less stress on myself.  I have changed how I do things on the business side, to make it more affordable for you! This means that I will no longer be offering "mini" sessions. On another note, the summer months are a great time to get those family photos done! Plan ahead for those Christmas cards and don't wait until the Fall. 

Thanks for being such wonderful clients! And because a post isn't a post without a photo, this session coming to the blog soon!

Check out the pricing page here! 


Corissa Ann Photo Camp.

Announcing the PHOTO CAMP FOR KIDS!

What: A course for kids to be creative and let loose while learning the basics of photography. We will be using film cameras during this course which will be provided for each child to use during the class. Children are also allowed to bring their own cameras (digital or film) if they so choose.

Who: This is a course for children between the ages of 5 and 14. Depending on how many sign up (and the ages), we may be splitting the day between older and younger children. 

When: This is a 2 day course! Because we will be using film, we need time in between the classes to have the film develped. The first class will be spent shooting and learning and the second class will be viewing each others photos and putting journals together. The class will take place on July 11th and July 18th (8:00 am-10:00 am)

Cost: The fee is $100/child and will cover the materials and film needed for the course as well as a few other surprises. 

How do I sign up? Please contact me here and once payment is received, we will send you more information about the class and location.